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Shape My Town

Developed for Design Commission for Wales, Shape My Town is a practical toolkit to inspire local people to play a part in shaping their built environment. Shape my town aimsis to give people the tools and inspiration to explore their place, identify what makes it unique and to plan for its future. The toolkit aims to raise aspirations and to provide positive tips and useful information, encouraging people to demand more from their place.

Shape my town is a ‘how to’ guide for setting up a town team; understanding a town; consulting with others; developing ideas; producing a town plan, parish map or project; and routes to successfully implementing ideas. It includes a number of best practice case study examples of projects in Wales and beyond.

We are currently undertaking a number of pilot studies to test and refine the process and to link the toolkit to Welsh Government's emerging 'place plans'.

Client: Design Commission for Wales/Welsh Government
Team: Coombs Jones (lead); Welsh School of Architecture.

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