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Material Compositions
Vertical Studio 2012

The Material Compositions studio aimed to make representations of Cardiff as beautifully contracted abstract artworks in the form of 200mmx200mm tiles.

Wycliffe Stutchbury studies the natural beauty of material through abstract compositions. While he explains these artworks as exploring the narrative beauty of as found timber, they could equally be read as representations of land forms and cityscapes. Learning from Stutchbury, the studio used materials in innovative ways to create a sense of resonance and atmosphere. Taking a transect of the city, students explored how their experience of place could be represented in one material using a variety of techniques, working the material in different ways to represent aspects of the site- cutting, carving, casting, corroding- to capture the character of place.

These abstract artworks were displayed as gallery pieces, a ‘material noli’ representing and evoking the essence of what makes a place unique.